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Fresh produce imported from Italy

P&A Fruit

Based in Worcestershire

Fruit and Veg Importers for the UK & ireland

Premium Quality Fruits, Vegetables & Salads imported from Italy

Based in Pershore, near Evesham, in the heart of Worcestershire, P&A Fruit is a well established fruit and veg importer and supplier to wholesale markets across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have been importing fresh produce from Italy since the early 90s, and therefore maintain a long-standing relationship with Italian suppliers. As a result, P&A Fruit is now a leading distributor of Italian fresh produce to the UK and Irish marketplace.

Italy is renowned for its high-quality produce, including a wide range of fruits, vegetables and salads. This long association with Italian suppliers enables P&A Fruit to offer a diverse selection of fresh and seasonal produce to its customers.

P&A Fruit’s position in Worcestershire and its extensive experience makes it a reputable and reliable supplier in the wholesale industry.

Spinach - Vegetables Imported from Italy by P&A Fruits
Farmer man harvesting oranges in an orange grove

Fresh Produce direct from Italy

We import a wide range of fruits, vegetables & salads direct from farms all across Italy!

Blood Oranges - Fruit Imported from Italy by P&A Fruits


Italian farmers grow a variety of fresh fruits, including citrus fruits, grapes, apples, pears, kiwis, and more.

Artichokes - Vegetables Imported from Italy by P&A Fruits


Italy is known for its diverse range of vegetables, thanks to its favourable climate and agricultural practices.

Raddichio - Salads Imported from Italy by P&A Fruits


Italian farmers grow a wide variety of salads including raddichio, cos lettuce, radish and more.

P&A Fruit

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